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Field Day Fun in the Sun

On Friday, the kids' school had its annual field day fun day. Last year was the Around the World theme and this year they had Mission Impossible. Fun stuff for them.

First event for the day for first graders was the pour the water on your buddy's head with the idea of filling up the canteen.

Then Hot Rod returned the favor. Fun in the sun, Texas style.

Almost everything involved water in some form or fashion, it seemed.

The funny thing about this bucket race was that they were holding on - in pairs- that bandana in AB's hands. Well, they had to reach in and get a rock out of this bucket of water and then deposit it in the next bucket. The kids could stick their head in, if they wanted, or simply reach in. My child was acting like he was bobbing for apples. He just pulled his head out of the water when AB looked over it and sneezed right in it. I was so grossed out. Pickle's teacher told me later than she dunked his head in the bucket. Great MOT, thanks. I'll be thinking of you when this kid is full of snot this week.

In this shot, if you look closely, you can see Hot Rod dodging the water gun spray. He dodges it one more time before he and his classmates get hosed.

I love the looks on all the kids' faces.

My pretty girl.

Pickle had equally fun stuff including the plunger relays.

Then, there was the most non-PC thing I think I've ever seen at school. This game involved saving the victims of a plane wreck. Swear to God I'm not making it up. The kids had to walk on planks over faux water, then over mountains and fire and then save one victim at a time.

Pickle's teacher offered to light the plane on fire for me when I pointed out to her how crass I thought this relay is/was.

Here are our heroes saving a victim. See the boxes of "fire" ahead of them? *shaking my head*

I had more fun that I could stand after just an hour out there. These kids were out there 2.5 hours. All the kids slept well that night, I'm sure.


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