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You ain't gettin no younger

Having a birthday party at the Desperados game really wasn't that bad. I got discounted on my tickets and all sorts of extras.

I loved the dragon jumping in this play. There is not a bad seat in the house at the arena football games.

Lots and lots of scoring in the game, too.

During the second quarter, Hot Rod and I went to meet the Desperados staff to line up so he could get his picture put on the jumbotron and meet the mascot and all the good stuff that came with having his party there. While we were there, the cheerleaders came in and right by us.

The blonde posed for pictures.

It was cool to be in the inner workings of the American Airlines Center. I saw some NHL nets on the wall. That was super awesome.

Hot Rod got to go on the field at halftime, meet Kid Coyote and show up on the jumbotron. They messed up his name, but it was still cool.

If you follow the blog at all, you know that Randy Moss there is Hot Rod. The kids got pennants autographed by the football team.

That is Kid Coyote's hand on his head.

Hot Rod got lots of goodies at the party. Part 3 to come


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