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Working from home

I really like working from home: overall.

However, I have gained 15 pounds since I stopped working at the airport. Sitting on my ass is not contingent to keeping the weight off.

I also have the new boss (3-year-old Stinkerbelle) to conted with.

She has learned how to freak mom out. Last week, I'm doing "my business" in the restroom when she walks in and very seriously starts the following exchange:

Little Bit: Mommy, I'm scary (that is her word for scared.) I want to hide.
AoM: *looking alarmed* What is wrong? Why are you scared?
Little Bit: Someone is in the house.
AoM: Do what?
Little Bit: Someone was touching the door and is in the house.

I clean up, pull up my pants, instruct the child to stay in the restroom and close the door on her. Off to my bedside where I keep Ole Blue and head silently toward the front of the house. I've seen Army of Dad do building searches in his cop days, I think I have a fair idea of how to sweep the rooms as I go through heading toward the front door.

Nothing. No one. Nada.

Go retrieve the child and give her the all clear. She is happy now and no longer scary.

Except, now, she likes to test me and tell me someone is "messing with the door." She'll grin like crazy when I go check. I just don't like this crying wolf thing because we do have the creepy guy living next door now.


  • At 2:38 PM, May 18, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I like Ole Blue...mine is Roscoe.

    Semper Fi

  • At 6:56 AM, May 19, 2006, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Roscoe is a good name.

    Apparently I hadn't told him about this incident. He said he had to learn about it from the blog.

    Ships passing in the night and all.


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