Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Just like Forrest at the White House

Just a reminder to all those parents of little kids: before you take them to practice, a game, oh hell, anywhere MAKE THEM GO POTTY!

After seven years of coaching, the unthinkable happened at tball practice last night.

With only a handful of kids having showed up, Coach Army of Dad is working with each boy to improve his batting skills.

After a swing, Coach notices a dark spot on a 5-year-old's shorts. Then, he sees why as urine is running down the child's leg and dripping onto his shoe and the ground.

"I peed," the boy said sadly to Coach.
"I see that buddy, why don't you go over to your dad and tell him so he can help you out," Coach replied.

Pretty soon after that, dad and son left. Fortunately, none of the other boys noticed. Coach was in shock last night. Just kept shaking his head and saying "seven years of coaching and this has never happened."

I think he was lucky it never happened before now. Guess that dad will take his boy to the potty before he goes to tball again.


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