Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Why don't you come to your senses?

Sometimes I have great ideas that are great for everyone else but me.

Hot Rod's early birthday party at the Dallas Desperados' last game May 12 versus the New York Dragons was one of those ideas. Eleven kids and nine adults. I wasn't even hitting the crack pipe or anything.

We wound up having three extra kids with us - giving us six total and then my parents (they count as an extra two every now and then.)

Here's the group arriving at the American Airlines Center. My dad and mom with Stinkerbelle and Hot Rod. Hot Rod's buddy and then the tall kid plays soccer with Pickle and the kid in the white is his best friend. And, of course, Coach aka Army of Dad.

My son, of course, was the first to jump in line to get his pictures made with the hot chicks. The other guys were hesitant, but finally relinquished. I have a feeling Pickle will be the guy who gets the hot chicks beause he has no qualms about asking them out when his buddies are still too timid to ask.

The white things in the kids' hands are the uninflated thunder sticks. Lucky me, I was helping one of the dads blow them up during the pregame when the boys start yelling, "Hey Mom! You're on the big TV!" And, yep, there I was bigger than life giving a thunder stick a blow job. I look up and it was obvious that the camera guy had a sense of humor. So, I stopped blowing and shook what my momma (and Papa John's pizza) gave me. My boobs filled up the jumbo tron. Wow. AoD missed the whole thing.

Our dads were all very pleased that we were close to the cheerleaders. I was happy to see Dolezel warming up.

Lots more party pics to come, but I've got to get some sleep.


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