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Bathing beauties

Friday brought an end to a chaotic week and some fun in the pool. My dad along with my three kids and my nephew had some fun in the very mild weathered day. We had a pretty good breeze and a high of only 88. That was nice.

Little Bit got a new swimsuit from my neighbor in some handmedowns. It has these little floatation devices incorporated into the suit. So, she was much more buoyant and enjoyed herself a lot more in the pool.

She had a good time with her Papa.

Superman is the only strong swimmer of the kids, so he was helping out the other guys. It makes me a little nervous to have this many kids in the pool and so few strong swimmers. But, we managed to do ok keeping an eye on them.

A butterfly landed on Pickle. He thought that was cool. He went with his dad to Waco this weekend to see his granny for her 80th birthday. I'm taking the little kids to a friends of the library booksale and then to have lunch with dad. He's reffing soccer games in McKinney today.


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