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SPF:The Puzzle People

This week, the SPF is sort of hard. She based it on some people she met and her upcoming wedding. So, let's see what we can do.

SPF assignment
1. Your Puzzle
2. Your Best (Your best what? YOU DECIDE!!)
3. Something “Old” (the weeks following will have a part of the wedding theme; something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue)

My puzzle is easy.

This sweet boy is one of my greatest challenges in life. He has a birth defect, dyslexia, speech problems and is considered emotionally disturbed. I don't see all that when I look at him. So, when there is a problem, it perplexes me how something so wonderful, so beautiful and so sweet can struggle so much. Simultaneously my heart breaks for him and he wears me out.

My best. This one was harder.

I know lots of people will say their children are their best and I agree with that. But, my best, as pictured here is the bargain deals I got on their Halloween costumes. I got the M&M for 50 cents, the NIP Minnie Mouse for $1.50 and the Star Trek for $4.50. Gotta love the thrift stores in town. You couldn't get one of those costumes for anywhere close to that price.

Another best, my best picture of the evening Thursday. I love that natural smile.

Something old. I started to put up a picture of my mom, but that would be wrong. ;)

Double duty. The wicker shelf is one that was old when I was a kid. These horseshoes I picked up at an antique store for good luck.

Did you play? Go see what everyone did at Random and Odd.


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