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Open mouth, insert foot

Nothing is more embarassing than saying things to people when you don't know all the information behind something.

Once, when I was about 10, I asked my friend on my softball team when her mom's baby was due. The friend looked at my quizzically and asked me what I was talking about. I asked her again, pointing to her mom's large belly. My friend just died laughing and ran straight to her mom and told her what I said. Her mom looked at me very sweetly and said "I'm not expecting. I'm just fat." My mother had walked up about this time and figured out what had happened. My friend was literally laying on the ground rolling in laughter. My mom and I were both mortified. My mom kept apologizing to the other woman, who really wasn't mad. Thankfully, she took it in good nature.

President Bush did one, too, at his press conference yesterday. I was listening and heard him teasing a reporter for wearing his sunglasses when it was overcast. Apparently, this guy has some disease, which makes his vision worse when he's out in the sun. Oops. The President called and apologized and to this guy's credit, he said no big deal.

I have another one that I did in high school. I was working at a movie theater and yelled across the lobby to one of the other girls who worked there. She never responded. I yelled a few more times. Finally, I said loudly, "What are you deaf or something?" About that time, the manager comes around the corner and tells me "She's legally deaf. She reads lips."

I felt about an inch tall.


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