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Just ranting and raving

There are all sorts of things that piss me off and for some reason I feel like ranting about it tonight.

First off, why do people think because you have a blog and post relatively personal things about yourself that you're inviting them to add their two cents? Seriously. I'm curious what makes people think that I'm asking for criticism or their opinions. Yes, I like to have support and agreement, but I don't like to be ragged on. Then, that somehow makes me bad because I don't like it when people chose to tell me what a shithead I am. When I go to someone's blog, if I don't like what they say, I may leave a comment, but I try to be nice about it and make my point without telling them that they're awful people. We're all entitled to our opinions. If I think you're making a big mistake, it really isn't my place to be mean to you about it and belittle you. I may offer another point of view, but respectfully. *shrug* I went back to some comments made about me on another blog in January 2005 and it just set me off.

My other pet peeve these days came flying back at me as we were driving home from McKinney tonight. It has always been a rural community, until lately: now it is one of the fastest growing communities in the state. Just made me sad to see all the wooded areas turning into Wal-Marts and tract houses that will be crappy houses in 20 years. Breaks my heart to see so much beautiful land being bulldozed. I did a story on a guy who bought the last pristene acreage along the Texas gulf coast. He's going to put high-rises and mixed-use communties there. That is just sad. I fear before my life is over that the only green wooded areas we'll see are parks or preserves for the privileged few who bought land and saved it. I don't want to be some old fogey regaling my grandchildren with stories about what it was like to drive down the highway and see cows, horses or woods. Because, you know, we need another big box in the middle of BFE because we wouldn't want those people in their tract houses on former farmland to have to drive 15 minutes to get their freaking Pop Tarts and Claritin.

Lastly, I hate publications that make me wait freaking forever to pay me for work that I've already done for them.

*putting away the soapbox* No more hate email, please.


  • At 10:28 PM, June 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No kidding!! I remember when McKinney WAS BFE!! We'd drive out there past all the farmland to visit our friends that lived SOOO far away from Richardson.
    BTW - I love your blog and poo-poo to those goobers with their mean comments!


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