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International hunks de futbol

World Cup brings out the best of men across the globe. Here is but a sampling. Enjoy ladies.

First, we have David Beckham of England.

All those who would like to be Posh Spice, raise your hand.

Check out those legs. I'm lovin' it (on the sign) takes on a new meaning.

And, Brazil's Kaka. He's so hot, he only has to use one name.

Man, soccer players have great legs.

He's a cutie.

Paraguay's Roque Santa Cruz.

Swedish midfielder Fredrik Ljungberg.

The USA keeper Kasey Keller. That is just amazing to see him parallel to the ground like that.

I saved the best for last: Ukraine's Andriy Shevchenko.

Enjoy ladies. World Cup games start again on ESPN or ESPN2 tomorrow.


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