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Pots and pans

I think a creative streak must run in my family. My brother has all the gifts of design and is a wonderful decorator and can find style in just about any piece of clothing given enough time. My father has always worked with his hands building and carving and painting. He creates beautiful hand-crafted pens and pencils, he "whittles" and does just about everything. My mother is wonderful at arranging flowers. Me, I have a little bit of it all in me. I'm a writer and very amateur photographer. I was a decent artist at one point in my life.

My children are starting to inherit some of these skills. Pickle, of course, is my gifted artist. Hot Rod is getting more interested in it. Stinkerbelle is taking after Pickle. She loves to draw, color and paint. Her preschool teacher called a "little artist."

So, I think it runs in the family. Probably why none of us has any money.

This weekend I went to visit my folks and brought my mom back with me for a few days. Mom wanted the kids to paint some terra cotta pots and saucers for her. My dad relinquished some brushes and paints and voila, the artists were at work in my back yard.

Stinkerbelle was really into it.

Check out that hair. Yikes.

I'm not sure how much paint made it to the pots. She was covered in it. Her hair, her arms, her hands, her legs. But, she had a great time. My little artist.


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