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It has started

I dug out some old CDs *see U2 post below* and have been listening them to the day while I'm writing.

Listening to Wings Greatest after picking up the boys and get this from the 11-year-old:

Pickle: *said with disgust in his voice* Mom, what are you listening to?
AoM: Paul McCartney.
Crickets: *chirping*

This from the boy who wears a Beatles T-shirt. *humph*


  • At 6:23 PM, August 29, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    LOL... hey I don't understand what the kids are into these days either. Have absolutely no use for hip hop or these crappy American Idol types.... add into that all the bands that Clear Channel repeatedly try to shove down our throats. I'm going to see the Rollins Band tonight... at least I know I won't be the oldest dude there.. Hank is in his 40s and still rocks harder than any of these stare at your shoes depressed bastards...


  • At 11:51 PM, August 29, 2006, Blogger Uzz said…

    He has not learned to appreciate the individual artists from the Beatles yet, but he truly enjoys their music. When we are driving he always pulls out whatever I have in and puts in "Magical Mystery Tour" or "Sgt. Peppers..." and listens to them...and sometimes just on headphones...but he LOVES their music, which makes me smile! Its funny to hear him singing verbatim lyrics to "Baby You're a Rich Man" or "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds".

    He asked me to make him a Beatles CD, so we went through my catalog (which is everything they ever did) and he is what he picked on his own:

    Hello, Goodbye
    Good Morning Good Morning
    I Am The Walrus
    Please Please Me
    Nowhere Man
    Can't Buy Me Love
    Octopus's Garden
    Baby You're A Rich Man
    Here Comes The Sun
    Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
    Paperback Writer
    Strawberry Fields Forever
    And Your Bird Can Sing
    Tomorrow Never Knows
    Yellow Submarine
    Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
    Penny Lane
    I've Got A Feeling
    Blue Jay Way
    Twist And Shout
    Drive My Car
    Maxwell's Silver Hammer
    Two Of Us

    Not too bad! I will work on our Pickle in regards to McCartney and Wings...he is also getting into U2 a little bit...but still adores Ben Folds and DJ Shadow. God I love that kid:-)


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