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50 Random Questions

I stole the question thingee from El Capitan. So, here we go:

What curse word do you use the most?Goddammit!

Do you own an iPod? No, I'm still stuck in the 80s.

Who on your MySpace "Top 8" do you talk to the most? MySpace? Like, that is so totally for teenagers and I, like, don't get what all the, like, fuss is about. Ya know? *insert giggle for effect*

What time is your alarm clock set for? depends on the day. today 6 a.m.

What color is your room? The same crappy off white from when I moved in. I plan to do some painting this year.

Flip flops or sneakers? I like my sandals, but not necessarily the flip flops.

Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?Take the picture.

What was the last movie you watched? at the movies, Barnyard

Do any of your friends have children?Most of them do.

Has anyone ever called you lazy?Not very often.

Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep faster?Nope.

What CD is currently in your CD player? John Mayer in the kitchen, Staind in the minivan and NIN in the bedroom *bow chinky bow wow*

Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk? I like both. Chocolate milk feeds my sweets cravings.

Has anyone told you a secret this week? Yep.

Have you ever given someone a hickey?Uh, *pushing toe of my shoe in the dirt and looking around* uh, er, last week, yes. *scroll back up three questions to the bow chinky bow wow music*

Who was the last person to call you? Uzz, my ex, to tell me when he's bringing Pickle back home.

Do you think people talk about you behind your back? Oh, I'm sure they do.

Did you watch cartoons as a child? Hell yeah. Saturday mornings rocked with Looney Tunes, Schoolhouse Rock, Smurfs, Schmoo, Captain Caveman, etc.

How many siblings do you have? one

Are you shy around the opposite sex? uh, no.

What movie do you know every line to? Princess Bride, Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Do you own any band t-shirts? I used to when I was in high school and college. Right now, I have my old Huey Lewis and the News shirt in a box upstairs and my father-in-law gave me a Lyle Lovett shirt a few years back.

What is your favorite salad dressing? Ranch

Do you read for fun? When I can sneak away from children and find a good book.

Do you cry a lot? My friends will laugh at that question. I cry at the drop of a hat.

Who was the last person to text message you?LabKat

Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop? Both.

Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos? I would love to get some, but I'm too big of a chicken to follow through with them.

What is the weather like? Effing hot.

Would you ever date someone covered in tattoos? If I weren't married. Date, yeah. Marry, probably not, but it would depend on the responsibility of the guy.

Is sex before marriage wrong? According to the Bible, yes. But, personally, I think sex is a very important part of a marriage relationship and if you're not compatible there, the marriage will fail. So I sort of think that the right/wrong morals have changed there since the scriptures were written. I mean, for cripe's sakes, it says it is wrong to lay with an "unclean" woman (meaning a chick on the rag) and I really don't think that is a sin. Times have changed. *putting away soapbox*

When was the last time you slept on the floor? Geesus, probably last nap I took watching some sporting event on TV last winter.

How many hours of sleep do you need to function? eight.

Are you in love or lust? Both on a regular basis.

Are your days full and fast-paced?OHMIGOD, are you kidding me? I never get to slow down.

Do you pay attention to calories on the back of packages?I do now.

How old will you be turning on your next birthday?38

Are you picky about spelling and grammar?I'm a writer, what do you think? I don't care in emails, text messages or IMs, but in real letters, etc. yes.

Have you ever been to Six Flags?We had season passes every year till I got pregnant with Little Bit. Then, we missed a couple of years and then got them again two years ago. Didn't get one last year because I was working and didn't get them this year because of my mom's inability to get around as well since her stroke. But, we love that place.

Do you get along better with the same or opposite sex? Depends on what the issue is. Typically, I think I work better with men. However, I can bitch better with women.

Do you like cottage cheese? Yep. Especially like it with the cheapy baco-bits and croutons. MMM.

Do you sleep on your side, tummy, or back?All three.

Have you ever bid for something on eBay?Yep. I get alot of gifts that way because it is hard to find Sonic the Hedgehog stuff and Minnesota Vikings goodies.

Do you enjoy giving hugs? Absolutely. I was hugging my soccer players today. Gees, I really love most of those kids.

What song did you last sing out loud? Take it Easy by the Eagles while the band at Traildust was playing tonight during dinner.

What is your favorite TV show? Right now, Project Runway.

Which celebrity, dead or alive, would you want to have lunch with? Preferably alive - Billy Boyd

Last time you had butterflies in your stomach? When I met Alan Tudyk (Wash from Serenity/Firefly.)

What one thing do you wish you had? my pre-children figure back

Favorite lyrics? There are many. So many that it is a toss up. I really like Daughters by John Mayer, but I also love Don't Take the Girl by Tim McGraw and The Good Stuff by Kenny Chesney. I also like alot of Martina McBride songs. She has such meaningful lyrics. Music is so powerful to me. There are so many songs I could name, it is hard to pick even just a few. Live and Creed each have a few songs that remind me of my children. Some of these songs aren't necessarily "favorite" as in ones I really like, but ones that are very moving.

Name by the Goo Goo Dolls is a favorite:

Scars are souvenirs you never lose
The past is never far
Did you lose yourself somewhere out there
Did you get to be a star
And don't it make you sad to know that life
Is more than who we are
You grew up way too fast
And now there's nothing to believe
And reruns all become our history
A tired song keeps playing on a tired radio
And I won't tell no one your name
And I won't tell em your name
I think about you all the time
But I don't need the same
It's lonely where you are come back down
And I won't tell em your name

Not sure why this one hits me so hard, but I cry every time I hear it on the radio. Just so sad.

If you want to play along, let me know you did in the comment and I'll come check it out.


  • At 8:40 PM, August 27, 2006, Blogger Unknown said…

    I LOVE that song (Name). I just heard it last week on the radio for the first time in AGES and thought, gee, maybe I should look at buying one of their CDs.

    (because like you I am stuck in the 90s and have a CD player but no iPod...)

    P.S. I didn't make it to SPF last week so I'm stopping by to say HI!


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