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Spanning the globe

Ok, so I'm weeks behind. Such is the story of my life pretty much across the board.

Here is my son on World Cup day of soccer camp sporting his Italian look and flag.
He was loving his shirt that I made for him. It has his name Italiano style on the back and a No. 1.

Italy vs. Ireland. Quite the grudgge match even if Ireland looks like the Hulk here.

My boy getting on the ball.

And, shaking hands with Prince Charles and the Queen Mother after the match.

Prince Charles.

And, a team pic with the royalty and the flag. All in all, another fun year of soccer camp. They learn about a great sport as well as social studies. Gotta love it.

A fun little side story. One of my friend's daughters was put on the Ireland team. I asked my friend what country her daughter was representing and she told me she had no idea because her daughter kept telling her she was on the "Island" team. I finally asked the child what color she was and figured out she was hearing "Island" instead of "Ireland" from the Scottish coaches. Sort of like Hot Rod at the FC Everton camp during spring break. He kept talking about how much he liked the "hoodles" and I had no idea what he meant and had him show me and he was hearing it "hoodles" from the coach from Cameroon. What it sounds like in good old American-style English is "hurdles."


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