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Another beloved Ann

While I was in college, one of the most beloved teachers at Baylor was English Professor Ann Miller.

I never had any of her classes, because they were always full before I could get in one. I have been negligent in staying on top of my alumni newsletter, but apparently Dr. Miller passed away Aug. 12.

What is funny is I remember having my first "you go, girl" moment in college when she was banging one of the guys in a big college band on campus. Now, it could have been a big rumor, but I don't think so, because I saw the "eyes" she gave him whenever the two of them were in proximity to one another.

Hey, equal rights for professors to have affairs with students and all. *rolling my eyes* I would think it would be awful hard to be human and around all these attractive college students and not want to have a fling now and then. As a college student, it is probably very flattering to have a professor shower you with that attention.

I don't think I ever had a teacher flirt with me, though. I just had Frau Martin, who thought I was a dear girl, and Herr Whateverhisnamewas and Senor Martinez. My language teachers just adored me and had to shake their head at why they liked me so much because I sucked ass in their classes. It was sort of funny. *shrug*

But, I digress. Ann Miller was considered one of the best teachers at Baylor and I admired her tenacity at boinking the hot guy. I hope she and Ann Richards can chase around the boys and pinch their butts in heaven.


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