Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


We are the goon squad

Fashion - Turn to the left
Fashion - Turn to the right
We are the goon squad
And we're coming to town
Beep-beep - Beep-beep
- David Bowie, Fashion

Fashion commentary from the formerly fashionable AoM, who now sadly wears suburban soccer mom anti-fashion.

I really like this green dress. It is very flattering and doesn't make her look like a twig, but I was going to make a comment about her not wearing a slip and how you can see through her dress. Then I saw this dress.

I guess it really isn't officially a dress, but a weird thing you'd wear on the beach of Miami to cover up the swimsuit to head into a beach bar or something.

I have more. I know you're all atwitter.


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