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Another one bites the dust

Finally, after a month of waiting, I get the dreaded response to one of my many "follow up" emails about the dream job for which I interviewed earlier in September.

I'm guessing the title and pathetic intro paragraph here communicates the results.

"I am so sorry to be so tardy in my reply. Late last week we filled the position with someone who has a lot of magazine experience. You would have been great in the job, too. It was a difficult decision."

Gee, thanks. I almost think it might have been easier to handle had she told me I sucked ass and would have never been a great fit. I held out hope since they hadn't said anything. I'm just so sad right now I could cry. This publisher called me and asked me to apply. I could have telecommuted two days a week and gotten paid more than I have ever been paid. I was already counting the bills I could get paid off and the money I could put in savings.



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