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Love child: Kenny Rogers

Just noticed last night that Kenny Rogers looks like the mutant love child of George Clooney and Phil Hartman's Frankenstein.

So, this is the outcome.

Of this plus this.

Who's with me?


  • At 10:51 AM, October 07, 2006, Blogger Rachelle Jones said…

    you Are dead ON!!

  • At 11:58 AM, October 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just think it's funny they always show pitchers in some part of their throw and they look totally STRANGE and not sexy at all. LOL

    Gimme a Chris Carpenter (Cardinals) smiling any day with that cute little boy face, over the weird, twisted-face-looks-like-I'm-trying-not-to-crap-my-pants way.

    GO CARDS!!!

  • At 9:07 PM, October 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OMG!!! I love you for saying that--not only are you right on the money, but I do that too. It is never a celebrity born of a man and a woman--it is always man-man, or woman-woman...that is a scream, and you made me feel a little LESS like a freak. Thanks. Oh, and not all of us down here near UT are socialists...some are just hippies. :)

  • At 6:49 PM, October 08, 2006, Blogger Teena in Toronto said…

    Hey, you're right!!


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