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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


A funny thing happened ...

The professional organization, of which I'm the local incoming president, posted an update on the national website talking about our last meeting and the discussion on blogs. The outgoing president included a link to my blog. She did this today. Here was our telephone discussion:

Outgoing pres: Uh, I posted a link to your blog today on the xxxx site and you have naked men on it.
AoM: *blinking* Oh yeah, that sucks for timing, huh?
Outgoing pres: Yeah, it is like the Amish joke you sent out last week about an hour before the Amish girls were murdered by the psycho.
AoM: Oh yeah, my timing sucks.
Outgoing pres: Ya think?

Ok, so I took a bit of liberty with our phone conversation, but it was pretty close to that.


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