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That's gotta hurt!

When you take Photography 101, one of the first rules is to look at the surroundings when you are shooting a portrait. I learned on the job when I was a small-town reporter. Once, I shot *figuratively, not literally* then Oklahoma State Senator Don Nickles in his office for a story I was doing and I didn't pay attention to this cardinal rule and he looked like he had antlers where I shot him squarely in the middle of some trophy buck on his wall. My editor called me over and said:

Gnarly mean old editor: Look at this picture.
Nubile young reporter: Yeah.
Gnarly mean old editor: What's wrong with this picture?
Nubile young reporter: Uh, I dunno.
Gnarly mean old editor: *rubbing his temples and trying to conceal the laughter* He has horns. Look. He has horns. Now, call him back, tell him what you did. Give him this picture and ask him nicely for another half-hour of his time.
Nubile young reporter: Can't I just tell him that it got messed up in processing?
Gnarly mean old editor: Nope, call him now and tell him the truth. It is a learning experience.

So, I learned the hard way. Apparently this photographer didn't learn the same lesson.


My first instinct is to think:

OWWWWWWW!!!!! My hair is on fire!!!!!!

Then, my second thought:
*grunting* Man, I need more fiber in my diet.

*shaking my head* Someone got paid to shoot this.


  • At 5:34 PM, November 14, 2006, Blogger Mo K said…

    LOL! What were they thinking?
    You'd have fun on V the K's "Caption This" site on my links.
    Once in awhile I'll play, posting a caption in comments that I think is worthy and not redundant, but mostly I'll just laff my arse off at some of the lines people come up with. The libs are frequent targets.


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