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Never trust a big butt and a smile

Ok, I got YouTube to finally work on my computer, so now I'm already blowing off my New Year's goals of not procrastinating. I have been looking at a bunch of different things.

I have to admit it: I'm on an 80s kick. This is just one of those songs that I loooooove from my youth. Poison by Bell Biv Devoe. Awesome song. But, here we go again with the ugly clothes. Gees, I never realized those styles were so bad. *shaking my head*

And, then, toss in a little nerd factor and be ready to laugh hysterically. I found a Bobby Brown tune that is a Star Trek karaoke featuring a Spock barbie doll singing the Bobby Brown tune and showing a Captain Kirk doll doing the Beavis and Butthead spank dance on Uhura. There are more, too.

Then, this one is not for the kiddies. You can see the homoerotic and very well done version of NIN's Closer with Spock and Kirk.

Last month, we were taking our team of 12-year-olds to a soccer tournament and several were riding with me. I made the mistake of letting them turn on the radio and Shortie Like Mine by Lil Bow Wow and Chris Brown came on. This one kid is singing away and I asked him what a "shortie" was because I'm thinking all kinds of foul things. So, I finally looked it up and it is harmless. It means girlfriend. Go figure. I need to get my mind out of the gutter.

Happy Feet gangsta style and more Happy Feet.

And, one more: Ok Go on the treadmills. Great one. Mazurland guys hooked me on this one.

Have fun avoiding work!


  • At 8:59 PM, January 08, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The treadmill thing is fabo!! I've been hearing the song on the radio, too, so that's even cooler. On New Year's hubby and I did a gig in Chicago, he was performing onstage doing kid shows, I was doing hair wraps (my fingers are STILL cramped) and the DJ played that song...every man, woman, and child was talking about the video. Talk about your viral marketing!

  • At 10:43 PM, January 08, 2007, Blogger Uzz said…

    The OK Go vid is spectacular, but I would like to say that I was on board several years back...they had a song on Madden Football and I ended up getting the CD!


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