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An open letter

To the mom at school this morning who was whipping through the parking lot while talking on the cell phone,

That little girl you didn't even see that you almost ran over has a mom who loves her very much. Unlike some moms, she admonished her daughter for not watching out better. Obviously, she had to explain, there are moms who don't look out for kids while driving through the parking lot. Also, you really shouldn't park in the handicapped parking spot right next to the school when you're able bodied. There are people who use that spot each morning because they are truly handicapped. I saw a dad the other day have to park at the other end of the parking lot to get his son and the boy's wheelchair out of his car. I'm sure he would have appreciated using that spot that you had occupied. Also, was that phone call really so important that you had to be on it instead of paying attention to your surroundings? I know we all have those crappy mornings when we're running late, but is that one tardy for your kid worth potentially hitting a child and occupying that handicapped space and preventing folks who really need it from using it? Is it so hard to just pull up to the curb and let your kid out if you're running that behind?

I just don't get it, people.

Signed, Army of Mom

p.s. To the stupid parents in the parking garage at the children's hospital today: don't let your 5-year-old run through the parking garage about five steps ahead of you while you're playing chase with the child and making him run giggling in the driving lanes. Not the best of ideas unless you're planning to sue the hospital.


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