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No, thank you

To the mom at Chick-Fil-A:

I really appreciate you bringing your two sick pre-schoolers to Chick-Fil-A today and for allowing them to romp, cough and wheeze on the playground. It was a wonderful accompaniment to my meal, too, listening to both of your children cough so hard that they are on the verge of throwing up. The snot running out their noses was a nice touch, too.

It was wonderful how you didn't make either of them wash their hands with the anti-bacterial wipes provided by the restaurant (for free and conveniently located outside the playground). It was an added bonus how you gave me a dirty look because Stinkerbelle didn't want to play with Typhoid Teddy and get sick.

The best part, though, was how you let the children run and scream through the restaurant, too, when they weren't coughing at the table and sharing germs on the playground.

On second thought, your consideration is much appreciated, but in the future, I'd rather not have you bring your little disease-infested children to share their germs with my child. I know it sucks to be cooped up in a house with sick kiddos, but perhaps you can confine the contagious kiddies to the sick room at the doctor's office instead. There are lots of things to play with there and other germy kids who won't mind so much.

Me and the other moms who shot you dirty looks while religiously wiping our children's hands with the anti-bacterial wipes


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