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Thrown under the bus

I hate Barry Bonds anyway. But, when he threw my buddy under the bus, the gloves are off.

WTF? He just pulled a random, no-name player out of his ass to crucify and he picked one of the nicest men in MLB to screw and I am madder than hell.

Uzz and I became acquaintances/friends with Mark Sweeney and his family while Mark was playing for the then AA Angels in Midland. He was - and is - the All-American guy. He was kind to everyone and very patient with the fans. His parents were gems. They sent me a shirt from their hometown for "taking care of their baby" while he was away from them. They live in the Cape Cod area and were glad to know some families were babying the players - I made the boys brownies and embroidered the Midland Angels logo on to pillow cases as a souvenir of their time there. Little things, but ones these bachelors appreciated. But, I digress. Mark is one of the cleanest men in baseball that I met during my tenure stalking, er, being a fan of the Midland Angels. Seriously.

Barry Bonds is an asshole. If his mouth is moving, he's lying. You can bank on that.

*putting away soapbox*


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