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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Poor Hot Rod is sick today. Allergies Gone Wild would be the name of the video.

But, my non-stop child is now a non-stop whiner. He is miserable. The doc gave me an idea of how bad it is.

Dr Too-Tall: Vocal cords are supposed to resemble violin strings. Hot Rod's look like giant pieces of steak.

Awww. Poor baby. I've been drugging him pretty much for the past two days. Doc said he probably caught a bug on top of everything else while his immunities were down since he has had a fever of 101.4 pretty solid for the second day now.

So, every four hours we get the Tylenol and Duradryl. Today, we added four teaspoons of steroids to the matter. So, he'll be sick and pumped up. :) Don't tell Barry Bonds, though, because he might stop by and raid my medicine cabinet. Of course, he'll just blame it on Mark Sweeney.

24-48 hours. That's what Doc said it will take to get the kiddo back up to full Hot Rod status.


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