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All your eggs in one basket

My little sweetie and her best pal are so sweet, they'll give you cavities just looking at them. They're such good friends and it shocks me that children so young can form such a bond with one another.

Her best pal has a habit of smiling to the point of almost closing her eyes. Cracks me up.

My little gal was trying to peel off some these fruit roll-up things that were shaped like eggs on top of the cake icing. So, she was covered in icing while chewing off the chewy things.

And, the chewy thing made her tongue look like this.

This picture is one of those that just makes me want to crack up. Look at every single kid and you'll find some reason to laugh. From the sweater vest kid who is frowning to the tall kid with his shirt half tucked in and that look of shock. The other three kids on the back row are doing that cheesey smile. The kid on the far left frong is cracking me up with the shocked smile face, of course darling girlfriend is smiling and closing her eyes. Then, there are the two girls with sweet smiles and the newest kid in teh class who looks sort of strange with that face.
Little gal was readily awaiting the Easter egg hunt at preschool this morning.
Then, she was thrilled to find some eggs.

And, showing off the haul. She is going to have a ball on Sunday. We tried to talk about the significance of Easter and she was full of questions about why Jesus died and why Jesus rose again. So, she was really listening and taking it all in. I hope we can make an impression while having a great time. Nothing says risen savior to me like chocolate and Peeps.


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