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In the summertime

The summer has started off with a bang from careers camp and art camp for Pickle to three different baseball camps for Hot Rod. Stinkerbelle has been the odd gal out with only her soccer to keep her going. I'm going to try and get her enrolled in a dance or gymnastics class in the coming weeks, since she likes to be as busy as the boys. I love Hot Rod's green tongue from a ring pop last week.
Little Bit in her hot pink swimsuit (which was made for a roly-poly pre-schooler and not a skinny gal) was sort of hanging off of her. She was smiling for a snapshot when a guest at Dad's birthday party shot her with a water gun. Then, I got this expression. It was too funny, though.
Pickle enjoyed art camp this week. He worked with different mediums, which is really challenging for him and I was glad to see him dive right in. He did some drawing on tiles, some marbling of paper as well as working on clay. He created a Wallace and Gromit and did pretty well for his first dabbles in clay.
Outside the art center where his classes were this week is this sculpture. The kids really like it and it is a great photo spot.


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