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A special place in my heart

Reading about Harry's first kiss with Cho Chang in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie and it brought a smile to my face. Harry has been there for my family since the movie came out in 2001.

I think Uzz had already taken Pickle to see the movie and I really had no interest in a movie that was so harsh that an aunt and uncle took their orphaned nephew and made him live in a cupboard under the stairs. How cruel, I thought, for a children's movie.

Yet, it was the perfect therapy when I lost my job out of the blue on Dec. 3, 2001. I was in a state of shock and thought that taking my boy to see a movie would be a great way to avoid thinking about it for a while, spend some time with the kiddo and veg out. What I found was a new love affair for me and my entire family. I was hooked. What is funny is that Army of Dad was resistant to reading the books when I started buying them. Trust me, I said, you will be hooked as soon as you read one. The writing is incredible. He balked. He didn't even want to watch the movie. Then, he caught it one day on TV. Perhaps, he could be persuaded to watch and maybe read. Now, he is a Harry Potter junkie just waiting for his last fix coming up next month.

So, Harry and J.K. Rowling, thanks. I'm anxiously awaiting this last book, but with a sadness.

On a side note, if I had lots of money, I'd want to go do this and I can't wait for the Harry Potter theme park.


  • At 9:10 AM, June 29, 2007, Blogger Janet said…

    That tour sounds awesome, and love the pic of Army of Dad reading :-)

    As you might be able to guess from my blog name, I'm looking forward to July VERY much!

  • At 3:55 PM, June 29, 2007, Blogger Jenni said…

    Ohmigawd, I see a trip to Orlando in my future once that is open. Thanks for the heads up!! :)

  • At 12:50 AM, June 30, 2007, Blogger North Dallas Thirty said…

    I heart JK Rowling for doing what everyone else said was impossible....getting kids interested in reading.

    What an amazing legacy she has.


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