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Timing is everything

Next week, my sister-in-law is accompanying her son's Boy Scout troop on a week-long camping trip in the Washington, D.C., area. The whole family is going for the festivities.

Alas, her timing is a wee bit off. Next week is Capital Pride week: The fourth-largest gay pride event in the United States, Capital Pride events and the Capital Pride Festival is a nine-day festival focusing on diversity, cultural achievement, civil rights issues and entertainment by and for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals, families, and friends.

Oops. There are some explanations that are better left for parents.

On another amusing note, I was listening to a radio ad for Protonics (?) today and I thought the guy was saying he was getting his "roast of acid reflux." I could not figure that out. I thought maybe it is some sort of joke that I wasn't getting. Then, I heard a different ad featuring women later and then I understand what he was trying to say: "erosive acid reflux." That was when I had the Rosanne Rosanna Danna moment of understanding: ohhhh, never mind.


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