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Remember today and always

Memorial Day is a day to honor our fallen heroes and they deserve their honors for dying so we could be free. Cox and Forkum always have eloquent ways to honor Memorial Day. And, one of my favorite posts ever on my blog is from Memorial Day 2005 with pictures of past Memorial Days or other special occasions to honor soldiers and veterans of all branches.

Get out the hankies before you watch this one, because I dare you to make it through with a dry eye. It is called Remember Me and it is a tribute to our fighting men and women.

Take a moment to pray for the families left behind, too. They have sacrificed much for their country, too. Thanks to those still serving and those who live without their loved ones because they serve. You ALL are treasures to us.

Sgt. Hook wrote a wonderful account of honoring a fallen hero with full military honors at his funeral. I couldn't finish reading it before I started to have teary eyes. It is a wonderful thing to do for a soldier. Army of Dad wants a funeral like this when he dies. When we went to the moving wall in 2003, one of the local VFW guys presented each of my boys with a casing from a military funeral they had done earlier in the week. I saved those casings for the boys and I hope to, again, try to explain the meaning behind them and why they are so important to me and, should be, to them. I don't think they understood the significance then, but it is my duty as their mother and an American to help them value them.

Happy Memorial Day.


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