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New zoo revue

Long, long ago in the boonies of BFE, I accompanied Hot Rod's class on a field trip to the zoo. Fun was had by all, I must report. Hot Rod was grateful that mom remembered the Kasey Kahne hat because the sun was pretty bright.
During part of the field trip, the kids were treated to a behind the scenes up-close show with some of the animals. One of the critters was a "frilly" from Down Under. The girls reacted less than pleased when they saw it.
A cute little hedgehog for Pickle since he's such a Sonic fan.
This screech owl was beautiful. They only get about eight inches tall, so it was really beautiful and very small.
Then, a bunch of squirrels ... wait, that is Hot Rod and the bunch of boys his teacher gave me to keep up with. I'm not sure if that is a sign of trust or that she doesn't like me. No, really. They were good boys. All of these boys are very polite with good manners. The bushy-haired white kid, (third from the left) has some issues, but he could be worse.
The zoo had a great gimmick at giraffe feeding time. For a buck per kid, they could feed a big piece of lettuce or whatever it was to the giraffes. So, I coughed up a few bucks for the boys who wanted to do it. It was over, though, before I could get my camera up!
The zoo had a very cool statue near the entrance and I had to take a shot of it with the boys.

Hot Rod's little gal-pal is a cutie and very sweet. Then, we had to get a group picture of the class. We were missing a few kids who went to the restroom, but it was a good field trip.


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