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Da Bears

How about those Bears? Our little team has been in fourth place solidly. There was one team that was 10-0 and two teams that were 10-1. Our team was 7-3 until tonight. Now, we're 8-3 and we beat the only remaining undefeated team. We took them out of their sole possession of first place and made them part of a three-way tie for first. Our boys were awesome. I love this picture of the first basemen coming out for the ball. Hot Rod was going out to help and check out the right fielder going to back him up and then heading to first to help out. Teamwork. It was awesome.
I love the pictures of Coach talking to the boys. They are just so much fun for me. I was coaching first base tonight. Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I loved doing it! The boys hustled and were awesome for me over there. I only had one kiddo who stopped running when he thought his pop-up was caught, but the kid dropped it and I managed to get him back on track and he wound up at second base.
I love this picture of the boys really listening to coach. I heard the coaches on the other team (they were in the first base dugout) mentioning how well these boys were coached. I also heard them talking about the outstanding play of Hot Rod and our other first basemen (who got the gameball tonight and was in the top picture, above.)
Check out Hot Rod holding his throat. He was playing first base when the hitter collided with him and they tangled legs. He landed flat on his face and busted his lip, too, but he managed to stay in the game. His neck just hurt the rest of the night. He had a triple and a double. He struck out once in his second at bat, because he was trying to swing for the fence like his other two hits (both past the leftfielder). He has a natural stroke if he doesn't push his luck.
Coach surprised the team by giving everyone a sticker for batting tonight. Everyone contributed in some fashion. It might have been a basehit or a sacrifice to move up the runners, but everyone put the ball into play. It was beautiful. See the cute redhead in the background? She's our dugout mom and she is awesome. She's married to the assistant coach (there behind AoD).
Here was the player of the game. He played first base for the first four innings before Hot Rod. I love the look of one of the moms in the background. I thought this was a really cute picture. This little fella doesn't have a man in his life. Those are the ones that Coach seems to grow the fondest of, because they can really benefit from that male bonding.
I thought this grip n grab was cute, but my favorite is the toddler running loose out in right field. That is cute. Little league sports can be fun.
Cost of registration: $85
Belt and socks: $17
Cost of gameballs: $45
Beating the only undefeated team and knocking 'em out of sole possession of first place: priceless


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