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Holy, holy, holy

My sweet little Hot Rod has his first communion this evening. It has been a whirlwind of activities this week from getting our work done and kids activities and spending multiple hours cleaning up our back yard in anticipation of about a dozen little boys and twice as many adults milling around the area. Oh, the back yard fun, that is for Hot Rod's 8th birthday party tomorrow. His birthday isn't until the 21st, but his Grandpa from Florida is in town and we wanted to include him in the fun since he isn't here very often. Plus, why have to clean the house any more than I have to, right? :)

We will have a close-knit family thing tonight after the mass with Hot Rod's godparents and the family. It should be nice and laid back. Lots of pork products on the grill. A nice Texas Catholic kind of family reception.

This week has been light on blogging because of all the festivities approaching. Hot Rod kicked ass and took names at baseball Thursday night. He hit one ball so hard, I was surprised it wasn't a homerun. Of our eight runs scored, he was responsible for three RBIs and scored one run. I stood up and shouted "That's my boy!" when he hit the one really hard. On the way home, his sister yelled (in the car) "That's my brother!" It was very sweet. He played really well in the field, too. He is awesome at first base and made a helluva play there to get an out. *can't tell I'm proud, can you?"

I went on a field trip with Pickle on Friday and that was a lot of fun. He liked having his old mom around, I think. I enjoyed going with him.


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