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Having a ball

Watching 6-, 7- and 8-year-olds playing coach pitch baseball is one of the funniest things on the planet. Tonight, I was able to do it from the sidelines for the first time this season. Our little fellas have won the last two games, so now we're 6-2 in fourth place. Not too shabby. This kiddo playing third base almost singlehandedly helped us win tonight. He was playing shortstop at one point and jumped out of the way of three balls hit right to him. Then, you have the little fella behind him in left doing something with his knees. At one point, there was a kid in center field with his glove off picking his nose.
My little fella loves baseball more than almost anything else in the world, so he is pretty intense. Check out that ready position. I love his tongue thing when he is concentrating. He does it in the field and when he is batting. Check out the muddy knee from sliding at third. He was safe, too. He's put the holes in these sliding pants, too.

He cracked me up looking at his bat and then looking at the plate. It was almost like he was talking to his bat and the plate. All of the pictures from the game tonight were taken by Pickle. He does a pretty good job.

I took the post-game pics. My little fella got the game ball tonight. He played well in the field and went 3 for 3 on the plate including a double that turned into a coach-pitch homerun when the throws went wild around the bases.
What could be better than a bag of Funyons and a gameball. Those big blue eyes are pretty cute, too.
This was Saturday morning when they were taking team and individual pictures. He was a little dismayed that they were jacking with his batting stance for the picture. I had to explain to him that they were trying to get a nice shot and didn't care about his batting stance.

This was post-game Saturday. I just love these pictures when the kids are doing their Sic 'Em, Bears!
My very handsome husband, who took wonderful care of me this week. I could stand to be babied like that again, just without the surgery.

This kid's face just cracked me up. He was checking out helmet sticker and, I assume, giving his approval.
And, the boy getting a helmet sticker on Saturday. He's a little ball player.


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