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Life or death situation

The anesthesiologist just got off the phone with me. He admonished me for not warning him ahead of time that I have a "difficult airway." Apparently, he said he got in there and had already "paralyzed" me when he realized he couldn't get the tube down my throat. The nurse in the OR got on to the anesthesiologist when he was questioning me in the OR just before he put me under. She looked at him and said "are you just NOW talking to her?" Usually, they come to the room before they wheel you into the OR, or at least that is my experiences before now. That helps because Army of Dad can help me remember things because I get nervous and forget.

I have had this problem before, though. One time it was really bad. My throat was scraped so badly that I couldn't eat for a month and lost 20 pounds. This time, my throat was scraped, but not that badly. The doctor sounded nervous when he was talking to me. He kept saying over and over that it was a "life and death" situation to get me intubated because "I already had you paralyzed." He said he had to put a flashlight in my mouth (which is a difficult situation anyway because of the cancer I had in my face makes it hard for me to open my mouth widely) to see where to intubate.
So, he has asked me to see a dentist that he works with. That works for me


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