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SPF: Happy second birthday

Stuff Portait Friday history this week. The lovely Kristine at Random and Odd wants to go back to the SPF roots and remember where we came from. Apparently, the very first assignment was the inside of the fridge. So, celebrating its second birthday, Kristine's assignment this week is to "Go open your fridge, stand in front of it and flash me a two finger saluteā€¦take a picture of your fridge with SOMETHING that shows us TWO. Got it? FRIDGE, SELF, TWO. All in one picture. Ok, so my kitchen fridge -the black one shows a picture of me with Little Bit at Chuck E. Cheese, so there is the me component. There is the fridge. The two part is on the left side - there are two team schedules, soccer and baseball. There are also two Alamos there. One in the snapshot of my honey and the kids and the other in the magnet.
The white fridge is the "beer fridge" in the garage. This is the one stuffed full of juiceboxes, beer, sodas and extra jugs of milk. Whenever the holidays roll around, this is awesome because I can pre-make dishes and put them in here until time to cook. As far as me, there is a shot on the far left from pre-Little Bit days, when Hot Rod was a baby. Then, on the right, there is a picture of me in a swimsuit with pre-school Pickle. So, you have my fridge, me and two. :)
So, did you play? Come on, let me know.


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