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Mr. Bluebird on my Shoulder

My dad loves to make things and he has started making birdhouses. The little stone house is one he made with Stinkerbelle in March and now a bluebird family has moved in.
There is the female on the birdhouse and her mate is on the planter. Mom and dad said they have counted four lovely little pale blue eggs in the house.
They are really very pretty to watch. It is amazing how much satisfaction my parents get from these birds.


  • At 1:56 PM, May 04, 2007, Blogger Gadfly said…

    How pretty

  • At 10:54 AM, May 12, 2007, Blogger Mo K said…

    What nice birdhouses! I'm a birder myself. We have a few houses that I picked up from potteries, but nothing as nice as these. Does your dad sell them?
    I love the thatched roof. Or as they say in Ireland, "tatched".


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