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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Hip, hip hooray

I got my work done and ON TIME, no less. Woo hoo! Nothing like making my deadline to make an editor happy. It probably helped that my FIL took Little Bit with him for the day.

On a strange note, I ordered pizza. I got a coupon for buy one with up to five toppings for $7.99 and get a pepperoni pizza for free. So, I called and said:

AoM: I want one pepperoni and one cheese pizza and I have the $7.99 coupon for the order.
Clerk: Well, ma'am, you have to get a pizza with five ingredients on it.
AoM; No, I don't. The coupon says up to five. I don't want five. I want one.
Clerk: Well, my manager says we can't do the order unless you get five toppings.
AoM: Do you realize that you guys make more money if you charge me the same price and I get less toppings.
Clerk: Yeah, but my boss says we have to do five toppings.
AoM: *laughing* Ok, give me five helpings of pepperoni on one pizza and then a cheese pizza.
Clerk: *hesitation* You don't want pepperoni on the other one, too?
AoM: No, I want cheese.
Clerk: *hesitating again* Ok.


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