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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



I've got a terrible heartache after watching my Mavs blow their season. I have to admit it is right up there with the heartache experienced from watching Wonderboy blow the Cowboys season in one giant blunder in January. I just can't even get my arms around the fact that my Mavs were the best team throughout the entire season and then they lose to the No. 8 seed in six games in the first round. What the hell is that all about? Someone needs to drag Dirk to the inner-city and let him learn to play roundball with the dudes there. He needs to be toughened up seriously and learn how to drive the lane and draw a foul. The whole team could take some big lessons from the Golden State punks. I think most of those guys are thugs, but they played with heart. The only heart I saw on the Mavs came from Stackhouse, but he is one guy. We needed leadership and we needed someone to light a fire in these guys and it just didn't happen.

Avery, my man, what happened?


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