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SPF: Framed

Our Stuff Portrait Friday assignment this week lends itself to some unusual interpretations, I'm thinking. I thought of snapshots that are framed nicely or pictures on the wall. I thought of Roger Rabbit, too. But, ultimately, Kristine at Random and Odd gave us the assignment: framed. So, here is my take on it. First off, I have Little Bit framed by the swingset. I like the various angles even if she looks a bit like a convict in prison.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Hot Rod. Uzz snapped it two years ago at soccer camp. I just think my boy looks beautiful in this shot.
Then, I framed him again in the playhouse this afternoon. He is way too photogenic.
Pickle, framed by tree limbs.
I really liked the way Pickle looked at the bottom of these stairs. I feel like the unusual angles frame him well.
So, didja play? Let me know.


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