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Easter Eggstavaganza

Ok, so I'm almost two months behind on half my posts. I've been really busy. This is a picture of the kids before the egg hunt with the real eggs they colored for Easter back in early April. We have told the children that we color the eggs and fill the plastic eggs and leave them out for the Easter Bunny to hide, otherwise he'd be weighed down with all those eggs. It has worked thus far.
Here is little bit finding an egg in Elmo's mouth. We had to improvise this Easter because it was so cold. It was literally freezing at Easter time this year. In 2006, the kids hunted eggs outside in their shorts.
Pickle with his haul. I have a feeling this child will hunt eggs for the rest of his life without fail.
Hot Rod and his haul.
The very unhappy face of Little Bit being forced to try a bite of a real egg.

Happy children dying the eggs the night before Easter.
More egg coloring. That is the best part of the eggs to me. Pickle colored eggs with his dad and then brought them to the house Easter morning.


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