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5 on 2

Yep, Fifth Disease is on second child.

*sigh* This is one of those random illnesses that you don't know you have until sort of after the fact. Pickle, apparently, is on the recovery end of Fifth Disease. We just thought his allergies were causing him fits a few weeks back. Then, I noticed a nasty rash on him last week. I thought it might clear up, but nooooo. I finally call the doctor today and the nurse and I go back and forth until she tells me it is Fifth Disease.

It starts off with flushed cheeks. Guess who is whiney, snotty-nosed with flushed cheeks tonight? Yep, you guessed it. Hot Rod. Let's just cross our fingers that Little Bit doesn't get it. I'm not holding my breath. The chances of catching it from a sibling is 50 percent. On the bright side, once you get it, you likely don't get it again.

*everyone knock on wood, please*


  • At 12:23 PM, July 17, 2007, Blogger Kelly said…

    Ugh, my sister and her sons had this when I was pregnant with Jenelle. Its very dangerous to be around when you are pregnant!

    Knock on wood it goes away!


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