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That takes balls to do

Yep, it is soccer season again and for the third year in a row, dear Army of Dad has stayed up late to help me inflate somewhere around 100 soccer balls for the campers. We only have about half the campers we had last year. My car was overflowing with balls then. So, it looks sort of empty to me this year. I'm not sure what to attribute the short numbers to, but I have a few ideas. The soccer association didn't get the flyers out until late and I know that I didn't get mine in the mail, so it makes me wonder who else didn't get theirs either. We have also had tons of rainy weather and I'm wondering if that has made people not want to do it. I've had many calls concerning the possibility of a rain out. Whatever it is, we have six studly British coaches and one "Shaggy" from Carrollton. I love my job. Little wonder I volunteer to do this, although this is my last year to do it. I'm a little sad, a little relieved and definitely wondering what I'm going to do without this post.


  • At 11:07 AM, July 09, 2007, Blogger Kelly said…

    I had to look at that a couple of times before I could figure out what it was... at first I thought they were golf balls! LOL


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