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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Happy Independence Day

This is one of my favorite holidays because I love my country and I love to celebrate its birthday. It is a time when my family gets together and just enjoys time together. We go see the local parade and fireworks every year without fail (ok, when it rains, we don't). So, hopefully the rain will hold up. We have a pork tenderloin, chicken breasts, corn on the cob and a sweet onion all ready for the BBQ grill . We may even pop in The Patriot again, for good measure. So, do you know why we celebrate Independence Day? It is the birth of our country ... but do you know why it is considered the nation's birthday? Go test your Independence Day knowledge.

We had planned to take part in the true American pastime at a baseball game Tuesday night, but, alas, it was rained out. I was really looking forward to our little Bears taking the field with the players during the National Anthem.
Be safe and thank God to be born in an incredible country. Thanks to Uzz for the great photo here. He has many more with a wonderful post about a group of people, who are shining examples of incredible Americans.


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