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Hodge Podge

One of the most exciting days of the school year for my kids has been field day. The kids are told to wear swimsuits and bring extra clothes because they are going to get soaking wet before the day is over. They get to run and compete and pour water on each other, get shot by waterguns, you name it. Cool stuff. Pickle was disappointed to be in the middle school this year and miss the fun. But, Hot Rod had enough fun for everyone. Here, he is leaping over a hurdle with Pickle's former teacher. She is a great gal and I learned she is moving to another school. We are going to really miss her.
I cracked up at the wistful look on her face as she skipped back to the starting point for the race.
She was really sweet to let Little Bit participate in stuff, too.
With a "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" theme to everything this school year, the Wizard of Oz theme fit right in on field day, too. Here, the kids pour water into their teammate's tin hat.
Then, they had to go retrieve more water. Lots of fun was had by all. You can see that in the child's face.


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