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Get on the good foot

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace is a living legend in the world of Martial Arts and professional kickboxing and Pickle was able to participate in one of his karate seminars this spring. A pioneer in the sport, he began his martial arts career as a karate point-fighter and competed along with such Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, among others. After an incredible career in point-fighting, Wallace became a kickboxer in 1972. He quickly captured the World Middleweight Championship and retired as the undefeated champion after compiling a record of 23-0. With the urging of his friend Chuck Norris, Wallace has appeared in a number of motion pictures, mostly as the "heavy" in martial arts films. Wallace continues to give exhibitions and trainings around the world. Here is Pickle giving Superfoot a drawing he made after the karate clinic. Pretty cool, huh?


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