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Just call me twitchy

The twitch is worse. I tried Kim's treatment suggestion and while it was fun, it didn't do the trick. Now, the twitch is occurring about 75 percent of the time. I had finally made up my mind to go see a doctor. However, I thought one more quick search might be helpful. And, I found a good source on eye twitching. It said that it will usually go away on its own id you cut down on stress and rest up. Yippee. I'm freaking out and I'm tired. Treatment is usually treated more as a preventative measure through stress management - keep stress under control; get plenty of sleep to keep eye muscles rested; and when in vision intensive scenarios such as computer work, take frequent breaks to give the eyes a break.

Well, maybe next week after my big story package is done. Then, I can rest and relax. We'll see.


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