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Is it Tuesday yet?

Ok, I never say "what next?" because every time I've said/done that, something horribly tragic has happened. So, now I turn my eyes heavenward and just ask God to make the day better.

I'm having a bad day.

Yesterday, my check engine light came on. Fortunately, the light went back off. But, I am still going to take it in to see what the deal is.

This morning, while working, my Internet died. Just died. Well, technologically impaired me, I call tech support. Ha. Again, I get Alli *coughing *bullshit* coughing* who is clearly Rahiba or something similar at a call center in Pakistan or India. We spend over an hour on the phone without accomplishing anything other than to have me close to tears.

While I'm on the phone pinging and tracing to no avail, the termite guy is treating the house and handing me a bill.

So, now I'm a few hours behind on work. So, I finally burn my story onto a CD and head for the library with my laptop. Well, Dinkyville has no wifi except at the branch on the other side of town and it doesn't open till noon. No worries, I'll use the library computer and Internet access. No, I guess I won't. They won't let me retrieve my data from the CD. *sigh* Off to Panera Bread to use their Internet access. Poor little Hot Rod was a trooper. He found a book on anacondas from the library and read it while waiting for me to finish my story. We go eat.

Come home because I have an idea to make the Internet work. Nope, no good. So, after tinkering and thinking (I felt like Winnie the Pooh with a head full of fluff), I decide to turn on the TV. Uh, no cable. Ok, now I'm really REALLY irritated because I paid these jokers. I call Verizon and get passed along to four people. Finally, I get a real live Yankee on the phone complete with New Jersey accent to help me figure out what to do. I get the bright idea while I'm on hold waiting for Paul that maybe the access box in the garage is fouled up now that both systems are out (and I paid the bill!) Sure enough, the power light is off. I tell him this and we figure out the problem. I reset the outlet and voila. So, he reset some stuff on his end and 20 minutes later, I no longer have the shakes from lack of Internet and FIOS TV.

Now, I simply have cramps. Yes, adding injury to insult (I know that is backwards, but it is accurate), I started a week early.

*sigh* Oh yeah, and my face looks like I'm back in high school instead of getting ready for my 20th class reunion next week.

I also have another story to write today, too. I think I'm treating myself to a cup of coffee this afternoon.


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