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Gotta love an Outlaw

In July, we took our baseball team out to the Denton Outlaws (Texas Intercollegiate League team) game. We did the Field of Dreams package in which the boys could go out on the field with the players. Since all of our team didn't show up, my other son and one of his friends got to participate, too. Pickle ran his little butt off to keep up with his player. It was pretty cute.
Hot Rod enjoyed showing his glove to the Outlaws shortstop - the same position that Hot Rod plays most. He is also a really good first baseman.
Waiting for the National Anthem.
And, during the National Anthem. We made sure the boys knew to remove their hats and put their hands over their hearts.
The boys and coaches who showed up. Great value to do this kind of thing. The kids got to go out on the field with the players, get a hot dog and soda, the game ticket as well as running the bases after the game and autographs, too.
The Outlaws mascot has a great name: Dusty Bottoms. Cracks me up. He was a great mascot and the kids really enjoyed him being around.
Hot Rod, in the green dot, and his teammate in the red dot participated in the dot race. A bigger kid in blue won.
Little Bit's favorite guy: Jack. He was on our soccer team and I've adopted him as my fourth child. I love this kid. His birthday is just a day after mine, so we're both mischievous Scorpios. He is a doll, though. Very clever and cute and he LOVES Stinkerbelle. She asked me: Is Jack the coolest man on the planet or what? He thought she was right. He is the youngest in his family, so I think he likes going with us and having younger siblings. He is just cool.
The boys running the bases after the game.
And, getting the pitcher's autograph. This poor guy got lit up on this game night. It was a lot of fun. I read in the paper that the team left the league they were in. I hope they stay together. It is a nice family outing for a reasonable price. Good family fun.


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