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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Hat Trick

I had to laugh at this one. Hot Rod fouled off a pitch and the dad on the other team tried to be studly and catch it. However, I have been where he is standing and there is some concrete slab and a big hole next to it, in addition to some strange plastic thing covering some weird pole. So, he has a good excuse for tripping, but it is still funny. Those two sets of parents were on our team last spring. :) And, Hot Rod's double to CF. One of his three for three - all to LF or CF. He had three RBIs and scored three runs. He played great. The team lost 11-15 because of poor coaching, mostly. *sigh* It is a long story. The coach is a friend of ours, but has a TOTALLY different coaching style than we do and it makes it really hard for us. But, we're sucking it up and trudging forward. Hot Rod is doing well.


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